Stripe Integration - overview

Stripe Integration - overview

BRM integrates with the Stripe platform to provide two massive features for BRM users:
  • an alternative payment gateway for online bookers
  • a secure credit card vault for handling reservation deposits and security deposits

Using Stripe with online reservations

Your online bookers can secure their reservation by leaving their credit card information in the Stripe secure vault. (as part of making their online booking)

We will progress their reservation to confirmed, and automatically update their customer record with a link to this information:

This means that you can:
  • charge for no-shows (in accordance with your policy which you must communicate with bookers of course)
  • keep the credit card details during rentals and charge for lost / stolen / damaged bikes
  • crucially you can take money for the rentals using whatever payment means is the most efficient, normally a card-present payment terminal that you already own (i.e. supplied by your bank / local merchant services provider).

This really gives you the best of both worlds because it means you can continue to process your payments in the cheapest way possible, whilst providing you with an effective (and legal) way to handle your security and reservation deposits.

Using Stripe for back-office reservations

A second scenario you might want is to enter credit card details yourself when you take back-office bookings
  1. for telephone bookings - take credit card details over the phone
  2. for walk-in bookings - enter card details
Click on the Stripe button, once you've set up your Integration, and you'll see the Stripe panel.
You can either just Save Card or Save Card and Pay.
(or you can Sat one time, then come back and Pay later to take money for damages, for example)

Just storing card data

Processing a transaction

When you have saved a card's details, you can actually process a transaction from within that same dialogue. Eg, you may have a reservation and want to apply a late fee or a damage fee.

using a magnetic stripe reader

new for November 20

You can now use a mag-stripe reader to enter credit card details directly into your Stripe window:

Simply open the Stripe window as normal, by pressing on the Stripe button.
Then swipe your card (into a reader connected to your computer)

details will be copied to the Stripe dialog - apart from the CVC code which must be manually entered.

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