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Specific Discount Codes

Is it also possible in the near future to play out discount codes for certain product groups?

For example, in a period only racing bikes, but not the City Bikes?

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I could use this also. I'd like to be able to give a discount on a bike without committing to giving a discount on everything that I have in inventory. I'd also be able to give out different percentages on different items if needed.

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This would be a super awesome feature!  We have extras that we don't ever want discounted and when people book online with a discount code (or anytime they have a discount code)- and the ability to specify discounts only to certain price groups would be huge!!!!

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I Doug, when are you going to do this?

It would also be great if there could be an option for "use restrictions" on coupons - exp: one 50% full day rental.

What do I have to do to finally make this happen? We play on our homepage in a red bar a 20% Discount Code for racing bikes. Again and again MTB and City Bike customers book with the Discount Code with the result that we have discussions in the rental station. That really pisses off my staff. As please now again. WHEN DO YOU APPROACH THE TOPIC???? Am I the only one who has this problem?

For your information! It's been 7 months since I sent the proposal to Steven Von Williamsen by mail. Surprise your customers and implement it at short notice. 

Hi Onno, apologies, no we have not forgotten it is on our list.

We are aggressively rolling out the new interface.

Once we have this it will be easier to address individual feature requests like this.

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