Asset Lifecycle

As each reservation goes through its lifecycle, so the assets themselves complete their own cycles.

In fact, each of your bikes will probably complete 4 stages in during its life with you:
  1. pre-operational - ordered (or being assembled etc)
  2. operational - normal working life
  3. post-operational - sold / stolen / transferred etc
  4. archived - suspended (when you no longer care about it)
Most bikes will exist in the green 'operational' zone for most of its life with you.  (hopefully).  This stage will comprise other 'states' such as:
  • ready
  • checked_out
  • broken*
  • repaired
  • in workshop
  • missing - you just can't find it!
but these are all parts of the operational stage.

N.B. broken is special.  This is why the diagram shows it as halfway outside the operational circle.  Whilst broken it can no longer be booked.  BRM will warn you if you have reservations containing broken bikes
BRM will also warn you if you have reservations containing non-operational bikes.