Contracts, disclaimers, receipts and waivers

When you rent out your bikes you're going to want to make sure that the customer has signed your disclaimer / waiver. 

you can specify your discliamer text in your settings:

This will then be included just above the signature line in the invoices that you print:

Please note that you can put in some basic HTML formatting like line-breaks.


Rule no1<br><br>Rule no2

will become this when displayed:

Rule no1

Rule no2

we recommend you format in a text editor until you get it looking how you want, then cut and paste it into BRM.

N.B. the disclaimer and signature line are only included when you print 'client version':(see the 'admin menu')

(if you choose 'print WITH shop notes' then no disclaimer or signature line are included, but any shop notes are included)

N.B.2 the disclaimer is included in the PDF version sent to clients when they book online.

We recommend that you keep your disclaimer short and sweet, and refer them to a FULL PRINTED COPY clearly displayed at your point of sale:

e.g."I confirm that I have read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions of XZY shop - as displayed in-store"

and optionally:

"I confirm that I understand that the bike(s) are my sole responsibility whilst in my possession"

** DISCLAIMER ! - please seek legal advice before publishing and using your own disclaimer, its vaildity will depend heavily on the jusisdiction in which you are operating.

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