Full day or 24hr mode

How do you define a day's rental in your business?   

There are 2 ways to do this:

24 Hour Mode

Some people have a policy that you can rent a bike from this time today until this time tomorrow, for a fixed price.


14:00 Wednesday -> 14:00 Thursday = 1 day price (which is really your 24hr price*)

* of course you're really saying you'll give them up to 24hrs for the same price, for many reasons they may want to return early like:

14:00 Wednesday -> 11:00 Thursday = 1 day price (or your 24hr price)

Full Day Mode

Other people treat each day independently.  e.g.:
14:00 Wednesday -> 14:00 Thursday = 2 day price - Weds & Thurs.
This counts as 2 full days of hire.

You set this in your settings here, in the Application Configuration panel:

System -> Settings -> Shop Setup tab -> Application Configuration:

This setting has a couple of implications:

  • Firstly on the time-range when checking availability
  • Secondly on the pricing

For example if I have 24hr mode set, and I go to make a reservation I will see the following:

Please Note - in this mode a 3 day rental spans 4 days.

  1. First of all you will note that you have the 24hr radio button available to allow you to select in that mode.  If you ever want to rent for just a full day, or half-day try pressing those radio buttons.
  2. The second thing you'll note is that a different pricing model is applied if you have 24 hour mode.
For example if you make a reservation that spans 2 days, but is still less than 24hrs it will simply apply the 1 day rate.

If you don't want 24hr mode, then simply choose full mode.

What about durations less than 1 day?

okay, so hopefully you now understand the distinction between full & 24hr modes.  But what if you want to have one price for up to 8 hours and then another price for 24hrs.  No problem.This is taken care of in the pricing of your fleet. You define your pricing profile for each price group.  A price group is simply a way of pricing up your assets, and you can assign as many assets as you like to a price group.

For example, lets say I want price UP TO 8 hours, and then another price from 8-24 hrs.

you simply add a price for 8hours, that is less than the 1 day price.  In the above example 8 hours is the shortest duration we recognise.

However what if you want even shorter like the following?

here, we are saying that we let people rent:

  • upto 4 hours for 14 USD
  • upto 8 hours for 20 USD
  • upto 24 hours for 25 USD
  • upto 48 hours for 40 USD

And you define your pricing profile in your settings here:

System -> Settings -> Shop Setup tab -> Application Configuration:

In the above example we're saying that we want to set prices for up to 4 and up to 8 hours. 

(as well as  price points for 1 to 14 days, and 30 days)

If all of this seems too complicated!?

then don't despair, its not normally something you have to play with, just tell us when we're setting up your shop how you do your pricing and we'll do it for you.  But rest assured that BRM can handle the way you price your fleet, and if not we'll make sure it can!

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