Viewing reservations for a specific time-period

The power of BRM is not just entering in your reservations in real-time as they come in, via phone, email or in-person.  It's managing the service delivery element of these reservations too,  ie handing the right bike to the right person at the right time.

There are some 'quick search' buttons that help you do this task really easily.

For example to see all your rentals happening in the next 24hrs press the 24hr button.  This will show you those rentals IN and OUT in that period.

Same for 48hr and 7 day buttons:

Please Note - if you want more complicated time-based reporting, like show me all the reservations that happened between a week in April earlier this year then you need to use the Reservation Selection Criteria panel, and set your specific date range:

Then you simply hit any of the SEARCH buttons top left e.g. for ClientName, but with no name specified.  It will bring back ALL reservations in that time period.