Clone reservation

Sometimes you want to take a reservation and clone it (copy it) for some other date range.
Here are a couple of business scenarios that might make you want to use this feature:
  • a customer wants to reserve the same kit as before - but for different dates
  • you offer 'packages' of equipment that you want to rent together.  E.g. For a digital equipment store, 5 x camera, 2 x tripod, 4 extra batteries etc. You can save a template reservation and clone it when the customer wants to re-book.
Here are the things that are copied over:
  • rental items (e.g. bikes / cameras / skis)
  • customer link - we don't copy the customer but the new reservation links to the same customer record as the original
  • customer link per reservation detail - as above but for each rental item if applicable
  • extras with the reservation
  • the date range (e.g. times, duration etc)
  • (you specify the month when you make the clone)
  • you then adjust the specific dates when you visit the new reservation
Here is what you don't get with your copy (for good reason)
  • reservation stage.  We always start again at the beginning stage; draft (meaning we don't save dates - see below)
  • reservation dates.  We don't add calendar dates for each rental item until you visit the reservation and set the precise dates you need.
Here is how you use the feature.

In the Reservation List Panel;
  1. right click on the reservation you want to copy.
  2. choose the month you want the new reservation to start
  3. press the clone rental button
  4. you will see your reservation appear in your list.  Now visit that reservation to set the precise details you need.