Problem Solving - trying to swap / add, but get 'parent line has no capacity'

Ever seen this problem?

you go to add / swap a bike.  It seems available (all ticks), and yet when you click on the row you get the warning "product line has no capacity"
How can this be?

Well, to see the answer you need to 'go back through the front door'.  Meaning that you need to search for the availability of the parent in question. You do that from the create page in BRM. (yes, even if you're planning on not creating!)

When we do this for the parent in question (in this example the parent has a short-name of mfm)  we see that it is indeed blocked - by generic bookings:

So that is your answer, the specific item appears available, and yet its product line has been booked out generically, such that you actually don't have any more availability.

But how do you know which is the parent line in question? (in order to do the availability search)

This is a very good question - and we are working on ways to make this easier to determine.
Meanwhile you can browse your Fleet Hierarchy (fleet->manage->hierarchy management) until you find the bike in question - then you will have your parent (generic)

Please note: you should only ever see this error if you have a GBAL store - if you see this problem in a non-GBAL store please contact