So why do we require you to have a google account to access the 'back-office' of BRM?

BRM is a very secure application; using secure connections, and also requiring you to be logged in to access your shop.  This means your data is safe.  BRM is built upon the Google App Engine infrastructure. In order to get the benefit of this security you need to login with a valid google account.  This let's you into a secure area of Google's data centres, and into BRM.

So does this mean I need to use a '' account?

No - you don't need to.  You can of course use a gmail account, but some people prefer to use a 'shop' address like


You can do this, but only if your email address '' has been registered with google.  All this means is that Google create a link (behind the scenes) meaning that you can login to the google world (and hence BRM) directly with it.

To do this simply go to this link:

Then press on the 'Use my current email address instead' link as shown below:  Simply enter in your own email address and complete the registration process.