Item maintenance check

Many businesses require a maintenance check before each rental (e.g. downhill bike park!)

The maintenance battery icon doesn't really fulfil this requirement because it is:

  • calculated nightly - not on check-out / check in
  • *any* service updates the battery to full

For this reason we are going to introduce a specific 'maintenance check' icon.

This will:

  • be real time - it will be removed when a bike is checked out.
  • only be re-instated when a specific safety check is performed.
  • not replace the battery but run alongside it
  • just be binary.  E.g. ON when you set it.  OFF when an item is checked out.

released beta - 9th August 2017

when you search for availability on bikes you will now see those which have had a maintenance check:

(you will have to show the normally hidden 'pre' column - see here)

green certificate means bike has been checked since it's last ride.

Then in the maintenance area you can set a maintenance check independently of servicing:

(the button may still be named 'safety check')