smart alerts

The items in your fleet are your core assets, and BRM facilitates making reservations against these assets.  No two rental tickets can point to the same item for the same time period.  However if you think about it, your inventory is actually a moving target.  You buy items, use them, sell them.  They become broken, serviced and repaired.  All the while BRM is building up an increasing list of rental tickets against this moving target.  These are links (a bit like links on a web page).

Every night BRM performs an 'integrity check' to make sure that the LIVE reservations can be fulfilled by the fleet you currently have.  If it detects a broken link (between a rental and its bike(s) )  it will email you (to the address you have specified) so that you can make the necessary change.

For example imagine you have 50 bikes.  In January you start taking future reservations against this fleet.  By February you have 30 reservations for these bikes to take place between Spring and the end of Summer.  Then you sell 3 bikes, 1 of which you'd forgotten was involved in a reservation in July.

Overnight, BRM will detect the problem and send you an email such as this:

Now you have a choice.  First you log in to BRM and search for the problem reservation: Mar0091-19.  You can either swap in another bike to fulfill the reservation, repair it or acquire another one if necessary. The point is that BRM tells you as soon as the problem is detected, not on the day of the reservation!  That way you should hopefully have time to do something about the issue.  BRM is also clever to know a 'problem horizon' - in this example 5 days.  

No point telling you about reservations with problems that are 6 months out.  You might not even have bought the bikes yet.  That would simply be meaningless noise.

How to correct problems with reservations due to fleet updates

First of all search for reservations with integrity warnings:

  1. choose search mode - Advanced from the options menu
  2. select '...with integrity problems'
  3. you'll see a list of your rentals with integrity problems.  Remember 'integrity' means a mis-match between your rentals and the underlying inventory.

Then you open up each rental in turn to find out what the problem is. (normally after a fleet re-organisation)
1) you no longer have the asset in question (product line or specific).  In which case you need to swap it out:

2) or perhaps you still have the bike - but its parent line has changed.
you'll see a warning like this:

so you'll need to re-book the rental against your new fleet:

this should make the warning go away - contact if it doesn't!