Custom fields for your Customer records

With BRM you can specify additional information that you want to capture about each of your customers.  You do that by entering in Custom Fields in system Settings->CustomerData:

In the above example you can see that we already show the default fields.  

We're also in the process of specifing a 3rd one: "New Field".  To do that we:
  1. type in the name of the field
  2. press the + button to add the new field.
  3. set where you want the new field to be displayed:
  1. Wizard
  2. Mandatory on the Wizard
  3. Back-end
Now, you will see on the wizard that we ask for these new fields during customer registration:
Drivers Licence ID and PassportID.  Both fields were made mandatory but that is configurable.

Finally, on the back-end you can see the new fields, as they were made visible to the back-end using the checkboxes:

changing the order of your fields

if you want to change the order of your customer fields please use the 'order' column:

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