BRM Self-Registration is all about high-speed customer handling when doing high-volume bike rental.

One important part of this is taking customer registrations while customers wait in line.  This is really important for the following reasons:

  1. it stops your 'point of sale' being your bottleneck.  You have enough to do when the customer gets to the front of the line (queue) You have bikes to book, paperwork to sign, money to change hands. The last thing you want to do at this stage is have your customers fill out name and address.
  2. Your customers will genuinely like to do this while they wait as they are being useful, not just standing around waiting until someone is free.
  3. you can get more information when you're not in such a mad rush:
  • registration per cyclist - rather than one per group
  • email addresses - useful for marketing
  • any other stuff that might be useful

To do this you can either do the following:

  1. dedicated tablets in the queueing area, like this:

Or this real world example:

when they register they will see something like this (personalizable for your store / shop)

  1. put a QR code on your wall like this: (okay perhaps not this big!)  Then your customers can scan it from their phones which will take them to your registration page..  Saves you having to have lots of tablets.  (N.B. you will of course need a WIFI network in your shop)

To try out your self-registration, click on the SELF_REGISTRATION link at the bottom of your BRM:

it will bring up a registration form in a new window..

Try it out.  This URL points to our demo shop:

(feel free to make a dummy registration)

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