Some browsers have recently updated the way they handle external plugins.

BRM uses Adobe Flash to draw the in-built graphs.

So you may see this:

Sadly the browser often doesn't display any error messages.

It is simply a case of giving it permission to work with Adobe Flash.  (it used to be automatic)

Here is how you do that:

Google Chrome Browser

First of all make sure you have installed Flash for your browser:

please visit your flash content page in your browser:


you will probably have 'Ask first (recommended) set' which is a good idea.  In which case you need to add your BRM URL

US servers

(used to be  and it will still work)

EU servers

(used to be and it will still work)

We recommend you start using the new URLS, and change your bookmarks accordingly.

F5 (or cmd-R on mac) and your graphs will now magically work.  It not please raise a support ticket and we'll help!

Please Note - we will be updating this article for Safari, Firefox and IE shortly.

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