Each night we do an 'integrity check' to make sure your current live bookings can be fulfilled by your existing fleet.

we email you, and flag up any problems we find with an exclamation mark.

If you have some live reservations, then re-organise your fleet you will get warnings. This is because you have changed the structure of your fleet - i.e. changed the way your hierarchy is organised.  This would give bikes different parents (or master dates).  N.B. this doesn't happen when you add / remove bikes, but when you change how your fleet is organised.

This image shows evidence of this in the history of one of your rentals:

This is clearly dangerous to do when you have lots of live bookings because you are essentially moving the goalposts.  i.e. you have reservations made against a fleet.  Then you change the nature of that underlying fleet.

that is why we flag them up.

To fix you need to:
  • find out what each problem is - it might that the reservation contains broken / suspended bikes
  • if its a master date problem, then try re-booking the reservation.  (admin->rebook dates from within a reservation)
  • then try admin->check reservation integrity from the reservation list..