creating rental tickets

N.B. in May 2018 we officially retired POS mode and BROWSE mode.

instead we created a simpler way of operating combining the best of both worlds.

If your system still has POS & BROWSE mode please let us know and we'll cut you over to the new version.

This relates to the old, LEGACY way of doing things..

One of the most powerful features of BRM is that all of your reservations end up in the same place no matter what channel they came in from (phone, email, walk-in or online).  No matter if they are same-day or future reservations.

There are 2 ways to make a reservation (in the BRM back-end), and you can use whichever suits your business and the channel you are serving at that time.  You and your customers can, of course, also make bookings using the online booking wizard.

  • Point of Sale (POS) - when you know your bike ID(s) and you want a same day reservation (mainly walk-in trade)
  • Browse - when you want complete control over what and when you're booking (mainly advanced bookings, or multi-day), and you want to choose what you want based on its availability.

Point of Sale mode

This is designed for quickly making same-day reservations:

Step 1

Here you simply type in the bike ID(s) into the field marked ID(s) in the first panel in MakeReservation.  For example:

"MTN1.MTN34" & then hit return.

This will fetch bikes MTN1 and MTN34

Step 2

Next, you choose the DURATION of your rental.  You will have already set up the number of HOURS rental that your shop offers e.g. HALF-DAY (4 hours) or FULL DAY for example.  Simply click on the appropriate duration.

Step 3

Finally, just type in the customer name, (or choose from existing database customers) and press the make Reservation button.  Your reservation is now complete.

- don't forget you can make Express or Custom your default reservation type.

More detail here...

Browse Mode

Custom reservations may take a little longer than express, but you have much more control over what you're booking and the duration of that booking.  The idea is you browse through your items until you find one that fits (according to availability)

Making a reservation from the BRM back-end is a 5 stage process.

step 1
choose the category (or categories) of bikes that you're interested in.  (or, you can also select bikes by typing in their ID's) The feedback will tell you how many of each sort of bikes have been returned.  

step 2
now you specify the start and end date and time for you reservation. When you've done this you can press the 'check Availability' button to see the real-time availability for all bikes concerned.

step 3
BRM will now browse the Availability window for the bikes you're interested in.  Bikes that are available will have green ticks, bikes that have activity booked against them (for the selected time period) will have icons depicting that activity.  Now select the ACTUAL bikes you want to book, from within the total list you see here.

step 4

Now press the 'get Quote' button, underneath the availability panel to get a quote for those bikes for that period.  If you're happy, go ahead and type in the customer name (or select existing).

step 5 

press the make Reservation button of your choice.  And your reservation is made.

more detail here

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