You can process payments on the back-end using the 'Pay button' available from the Reservation Detail Panel:

This will open up a new tab in your browser, containing a PayPal page.  This page will be automatically populated with the details of the current reservation:

  • the itemised bill
  • the full outstanding total

Please Note - if part-payment has already been taken it simply adds a line item saying "balance" and requests a payment equal to the current amount outstanding on the reservation.

Please Note -  you can't request payment if there is a zero outstanding balance.

You are then free to take payment using either PayPal or Credit Card. Simply enter the credit card details and customer address.


Once you have taken payment, PayPal will send a message back to BRM with the results of the transaction.  This information is then used to automatically update the transaction history of the reservation.


If you need to refund any or all of a PayPal rental transaction, then that can be done from within PayPal itself. PayPal will send a refund message back to BRM where a negative financial transaction is created and the reservation balance will be updated.


In order to use this feature you will need to setup a connection to your PayPal account.   see here for that information