For the pilot we have delivered an MVP - minimal viable product.

Meaning there is quite a lot of manual work when stuff changes. Eg. a new dealer joins..

if we get post-pilot this is what will be automated.

This is the user experience we are delivering....

Here are the components behind the scenes:

Magic 3 files are located here (in GCP)

access here (only MN and DS will have access)

when updated...Refresh the directory.

Update whichever files are relevant i.e. dealers.csv or inventory.csv.

BEWARE !! live system if you press this it will be down for 1 minute....

Tickle in the browser

Central Directory (inventory.csv) 

- of participating bikes from ALL stores on the pilot..

 we maintain in a spreadsheet, and EXPORT up to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), so the directory can read it in.

Here is the master spreadsheet:

inventory.csv in GCP

Contains all the bikes by sku that the dealers have. Only need one row even if a dealer had 5 of that particular bike.


List of dealers (all US dealers)

N.B. for any stores that contain non-specialized bikes we need to include a list of SBC only categories so they don't see non-spec bikes from

Master document (in GCP)


Contains a list of the dealers with their locator_id (special SBC dealer code) and geo locations.

The csv file has the following format (categories are optional and typically will not be set)

100022192,BETHEL BICYCLE,44.4138783,-70.7960847,US,Road|MTB

Central Specialized Catalog of all SKUs


Contains all the SKUs SBC has. This file comes from SBC as Excel .xslx and also has the image data and product description columns. I remove all that info via Google docs from this file to keep the data and save it as a CSV. 

This should change fairly rarely and is stored in objectify.

here is the link to the product file in google drive

BEWARE !! live system if you press this it will be down for 1 minute....

To update the product catalog, tickle