Suppose you want to see how well your inventory has performed in the season, how do you go about doing that?

First of all you find your data....

1) go to the graphs page

2) choose the year you're interested in

3) press the 'rentals per asset' or 'revenue per asset' button

This will give you a breakdown of each bikes' rentals and revenue for the period.

4) But then you're going to want to get hold of the raw data for further analysis.  Do this by pressing the 'print' button top right which will bring you back the data on the screen.

You then simply copy the text and paste it into a google spreadsheet.  Then you can use a pivot table to analyse your raw data...

Please note

we currently don't retrieve data for suspended items (deleted from spreadsheet).  The data is not lost, but just currently not retrieved in this analysis.

So please do your analysis before suspending your bikes at the end of the seasons

See also 

further analysis using pivot tables.