1 store - many locations.  Means 1 set of configurations (hours, prices etc)

thinking its too clever...

Sardina and Holland seem to want multi-location but with online booking etc.

Here are some highlights from my conversation between:

doug@bikerentalmanager.com (but from doug.stoddart@gmail.com era)

and lucie.smith@hollandbikes.com


Apr 3, 2018, 12:22 PM

Hi Doug,
Thanks for your answer.
I am not sure if this would work.
So if I have dutch bikes I can separate them by changing categories. For example :
Place A : 
50 X Dutch bikes Foch
Place B : 
50 X Dutch bikes Notre Dame
But can our customers still move the bikes from one store to another without me having to put them back...
For example: 
A customer books a dutch bike foch to start in foch but wants to leave at notre dame.
Then in Brm, my dutch bike Foch will still be accounted for in the store A, right ? so I would need to move it...

Hi Lucie

this is exactly why we make the statements we do in our notes about multi-store.Doing what you are suggesting is incredibly complicated.  Software-wise and operationally.We would love to do it (you are not the only one to ask)  But we don't know how it would work (practically)

I think you are suggesting an operating model where:

  • each bike can be freely moved from location A -> B
  • and where clients can book online.
  • and where clients can book from A->B rentals.

but how then would the system know what inventory level to respect for each booking, on any given date?  Coz it can be changed without notice.

concrete example:Let's say on Tuesday client A books 4 bikes out of Foch for Thursday. (you have 4 (of these exact) bikes at Foch on Tuesday, so all is good)Then on Wednesday evening client B cycles 3 (of these) bikes from Foch -> NDon Thursday client A shows up at Foch, but there aren't enough bikes!

See what I mean?

these 2 diagrams might help. They attempt to show that the thing we check availability against - Generic bikes - does not take into account location.even if it did take account of location - it would only be for a snapshot in time - how would it know future stock levels going forward?

Do you see what I mean?

if you can tell us if I've got something wrong - or how you can see it working, then please let me know!

kind regards,Doug