Some of our users don't want to interact with their BRM.  They might only do perhaps 1-2 demo's or rentals per day, or only have 5 rental bikes, so instead they want a very lightweight system to receive notifications about rentals, and the status of each reservation.  (on a simple mobile app for example)

For this reason we have been developing an integration with Slack.  

Slack is a powerful system (mobile and desktop) who's mission is to replace email.  Most importantly it will always have a FREE tier.

How to connect

sign up to slack (if you don't have it already)

create a #rentals channel (or call with whatever you like!)

In system settings 2.0, go to the Slack integrations 

and click "Connect to Slack"....

Follow the instructions to connect to your Slack Account and desired channel.

The Slack integration will send a message to your chosen channel anytime a reservation is updated. 

The channel message contains a link that can be clicked to take you directly to the reservation inside BRM.

Coming soon...

slack commands to look up reservations, checkin and checkout.

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