When your customers make online bookings you need to know WHO they are, of course.

You are blocking out your inventory for a given date - and in return you can rightly expect to know who is making the booking.

Of course, you can decide what information you gather from your customers at this point.

You can also decide if you require payment at this stage to secure the booking.


January 2019

But now, you can also decide on the type of client registration.

Here are the two types we now support:

Client Registration - (this has been the only option until today) they need to create an account with you. Meaning they can also log in again if they book again.

Guest Checkout - (new default) they don't create an account - they just answer your questions.  They can't log back in if they re-book another time.

Let's take a closer look at what it means:

Client Registration

Use this when your customers are likely to want to re-book on multiple occasions.

They can register - and log back in.  (if you don't ask for a password on registration they can use forgotten password)

Here is an example of how it could look:

Guest Checkout

People don't like creating accounts all over the internet - so this should get more conversions (bookings)

Please Note - this example has quite a few fields (questions) but you can ask as many or as few as you like!

Here is an example of how that could look. (this will be the new default for BRM)

If you are operating in Client Registration mode and you'd like to switch to Guest Checkout, please let the support team know and we'll switch you over:

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