For years the 'inventory spreadsheet' has been a cornerstone of Bike Rental Manager.

- Getting bikes in and out of BRM.

Largely because when BRM was created back in 2011 everyone was using spreadsheets to manage their inventory and rentals, and it was convenient.

But things have moved on, and the time has finally come to kill off the dreaded inventory spreadsheet once and for all!

By popular demand we're creating a new generation of inventory management tools that don't require a spreadsheet.

(though we plan to retain the spreadsheet functionality for bulk upload functionality)

Key benefits are:

  • what you see is what you get, all inside BRM.  No more spreadsheets!  (aka 'wysiwyg' interface)
  • drag and drop organisation of items
  • responsive design - works on mobiles, tablets and computers
  • link to underlying product - curated in a centralised product catalog - much easier to attach images, notes, size recommendations etc
  • be up and running in minutes - from purchase to live, via your mobile device
  • modify and archive items from within BRM too (not just create)

This is roughly what it will look like:

Expected release date, from September 2019.