It might not be immediately apparent, but each time you make a reservation (or modify one), BRM is doing two things at once.

Firstly, it is updating your Reservation, with the dates supplied.  Start dates, times, return dates and times, pricing.  This represents the service you've agreed with your customer.

AND also, in order to do provide this service you are normally agreeing to supply certain bits of your inventory (e.g. your bikes) for this defined period of time.  Each and every bike in your inventory has its own calendar and when you include it in a reservation we ensure that the bike's calendar matches that of the reservation it belongs too.  In that way you can't promise a bike out to two people at once.

this diagram shows how the Reservation is the parent, and the inventory (Reservation Details) belong to that Reservation for the duration of the rental

Don't forget the implication of this is that if you swap a bike:

  • BRM will change the bike in your reservation
  • the old bike will have its calendar free'd up for those dates
  • the new bike will block out its dates for those dates (and of course it shouldn't let you add bikes that are not free)

Don't forget the implication of this is that if you extend a reservation (or move dates at all)

  • all bikes' calendars are also moved in accordance with the parent reservation
  • it should warn / stop you doing anything for which you don't have availability in underpinning inventory.