We have been working on a whole new interface for BRM!

We're calling it BRM2.0 (I know, imaginative eh!) 

see a demo video here!

It will:

  • be fully responsive
  • be intuitive
  • be much faster 
  • be just as powerful as old BRM, but much better designed
  • have in-built help and onboarding

So, we are rolling it out incrementally.  We hope by end 2019 there will be a whole new BRM experience for all users and all functions.

Meanwhile we are rolling out new pages within BRM 1.0

For example you can see new setup pages already:

We will soon be retiring the old settings page in favour of this newer, easier version.

The inventory page has also be re-written, meaning you won't even need to use the spreadsheet to upload / manage your bikes.

The new Reservation List Panel

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find out more on BRM.com