There are now two types of 'bookings' that can be made online using BRM;

  • A Booking Request is a request from a renter to rent a bike (or other item) on a specific date or dates.  It can be accepted or refused according to what is available / convenient.  (based on the store later checking its availability etc)
  • An Instant Booking is a booking with a commitment to provide the bikes for that duration.   Instant Bookings can accept payment at time of booking.

The default behaviour for BRM is provide Instant Bookings.  Better for the customer, better for the bike store (less work answering calls, checking availability).  But in order to provide this service the online booking must know exactly how many bikes are available for any given date / time.  For this reason Instant Bookings is only available to stores run their entire rental operation on BRM.

Here is how an Instant Booking looks on your online booking:

Note - you can use either Guest Checkout (as here ) or Client Account creation.

By contrast, here is how it would look in Booking Request Mode mode:

In the back end booking request is a stage in the booking lifecycle.

Please Note - stores on the FREE platform will only have access to Booking Requests - not Instant Booking.

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