NEW - 6th Jan 2020.

UPDATE - you no longer need to create a shortcode.  (but you can if you like)

If you select by a category and If the system detects it contains packages it will automatically bring back PACKAGES meaning you can continue to make your packages booking.

Here is the process for renting packages in the back office:

  1. make sure you setup a short-code for your package - so that you can make a 'generic booking'.  Meaning making a booking for something that you're going to later allocate specific items too. (Please note this DOES NOT mean you need to be in GBAL mode)
  2. make sure your quantity column is visible in your availability panel, i.e. the blue column (see here for turning on hidden columns

3. scan or type in the short-code for your package, in the ID(s) field on the create rental page.

Repeat scan / type to do multiple of that product.

4. set your duration, and complete your booking in the normal manner.....

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