Maintenance reservation

When you do an instant 'service update' against a particular bike BRM assumes you have already completed the work.

This means the bike was never really 'broken' or 'in workshop'; you simply picked up a bike and performed some maintenance. It remains operational the whole time.

What about if it must remain in the workshop for a while?

Sometimes, however, you discover something about a bike that needs to take it out of service for a little while.  Perhaps the forks are broken and you need to order some more, or maybe you just know you don't have time to fix it right now.  You don't want to take new bookings if its in this state.

In this case you want to do a maintenance reservation instead:

This means, for example...

During the 3 days the bike will 'booked out' to the workshop, and will then become available.  So the mechanic needs to revisit if there are any delays.  Of course this means a Rental Ticket is created as with regular rentals:

This means it can be extended, and checked in early, just like regular rental tickets.