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Some stores like to set up extras so that you can communicate to your customers what extras you offer with your bikes, like pedals, locks, helmets, insurance etc. This means you can set them up before the customer arrives (and even charge extra money for them).

This article will show you how to set up extras.

Please note that from Autumn 2022 there will be 2 types of Extras

  • Item Level Extras (ILE's) the original - per Item in a reservation.  E.g. Helmet with a particular bike.
  • Reservation Level Extras (RLE's) new - per Reservation.  E.g. a tip that relates to the whole reservation

Navigate to Settings -> Extras:

To add a new extra, click the add new button in the top right which will present you with the detail page. 

Basic information

After you enter the name and description of the extra, there are three options for pricing:

  1. Free.
  2. Fixed Price, meaning price remains constant regardless of rental duration.
  3. Price Group, which allows you to assign a tiered pricing structure (just like tracked inventory).

We strongly recommend you upload an image, it will make your online booking look much better.

Advanced options

Once the basic information is done, you have the choice of the following advanced options at the bottom the page:

Online options

  • Visible online controls if the extra is shown on your online booking page.
  • Default selected puts a tick in the extra box in online booking, deselectable by your customers if they wish to opt out.
  • Online mandatory prevents the extra from being deselected, all bookings made online will include this extra.

Other options

  • Apply Tax - deselect this to make the extra tax exempt.
  • Apply Discounts - deselect this to exclude the extra from any discount codes entered.

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