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Send new customers to a Mailchimp List

Reaching out to your customer base is a crucial part of running a successful rental operation.  Encouraging repeat-business is always easier than getting entirely new customers.  

Many of our clients manage their own campaigns from email marketing applications like MailChimp sending out discount vouchers/codes to encourage repeat and advance bookings.

You will now be able to automatically push a feed of your new clients to Mailchimp.  You will set up a connection with your MailChimp account within your BRM / RSM, and then you will specify the name of your MailChimp list where you want to send new customers to.

Here is the settings page

and when you click on it you will see this:

Mailchimp Configuration

To connect Mailchimp, you need your account API key and the Audience ID if the Audience (email list) you'd like to write your BRM contacts to.

1. Find the Mailchimp API key for your account. This is located under Profile -> Extras -> API keys. You may be prompted to create a new API key if one doesn't already exist.

2. Navigate to the Audience (email list) you'd like your BRM contacts to be exported to. Alternatively, you can create a new Audience specifically for this integration, see Create a Mailchimp Audience on Mailchimp's help pages for how to do this. Once at the desired audience page, find the 'Audience ID'. This is found under the Settings -> 'Audience name and defaults' menu.

3. Create custom list fields to store the customer data sent over. Create them under Settings -> 'List fields and *|MERGE|* tags menu as shown below:

Once you paste the API key and Audience ID into BRM, tick the enabled checkbox and hit save, you'll be good to go. You can test the connection by entering an email in the test email address field (for example "") and click the Test API button. You should get a success message and see the test email appear as a contact in your Mailchimp Audience. If you get an error, double-check your API key and Audience ID.

When enabled, every night, BRM will export all new customers who have opted-in to receive marketing correspondence to Mailchimp.

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