Tours / events can now handle recurring events.

To access the new configuration, go to your settings 2.0 page:

settings → Optional modules → Events 

(you will need to scroll down to the bottom - and will need to have it enabled in your package)

Open that page and you will see a table of events:

Initially, there won't be any events in your list, so use the add New button to add one...

You will then find yourself on the detail page for an en event:

If you setup a recurring event then you will also want to enter the valid dates and times for your event:

Extra fields will appear when you select an Event Type of Recurring:

Only these dates and times will be selectable, for this event, when booking online.

You will need to fill in:

Code: (e.g)  WINE01  (for a wine tasting tour).  How you refer to your activity / event / tour

Title: (e.g.)  Wine Tasting Tour:  what your users will see.

Description:  sell it a bit!

Event Type:  

  • Fixed date: one-off events like an annual sportif
  • Recurring : like a shuttle ride that runs every Thursday afternoon.

Image: a nice image to represent your tour / activity / event

Conditions: specify any conditions that might apply to your tour / activity / event

Reservation Type:  what reservation type do you want to be used for these bookings? 


Please note, if you want the Event to only show certain categories, then please just list them in the Category section. (as shown below)

If you leave blank, all available categories will be listed.

NEW:  you no longer need to list your categories in your URL (the stuff in blue, below) because if you save your category preferences here, you don't need to supply them in the URL

(old URLs which list categories will also continue to work - so no need to go back and edit them)

Please note this is a premium module - please ask support if you are interested.

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