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Bike Rental Manager and Lightspeed are able to integrate with each other to give a seamless rental and retail user experience.

You run BRM and Lightspeed side by side in your browser. Note: BRM does not integrate with the Lightspeed IOS iPad App version.

The overall configuration process involves these 4 steps:

  1. Configure Lightspeed inventory. Setting up Lightspeed with 1 'rental item' in inventory.  This creates the inventory-bridge between BRM and Lightspeed
  2. Create BRM button on Lightspeed Register: Sale tab. Clicking on this button during a sale launches BRM where the rental details and price information is captured. On returning to Lightspeed, the current sale now has a new sale item representing the rental. (Similarly, you can start in BRM and start a Lightspeed transaction which will send you back into LS to complete the transaction.)
  3. Connect BRM to Lightspeed. Connect your BRM shop to your Lightspeed account
  4. Connect BRM users to Lightspeed. Connect each BRM user who wants to use this integration.  (the first one is done automatically - whoever you are logged in to BRM as when you do step 3 is automatically connected)

1. Configure Lightspeed inventory

We are going to create a 'rental item' in your Lightspeed inventory through which all rentals in BRM will be processed. In Lightspeed, go to Inventory -> New Item.

You'll see a screen similar to the screenshot below. Enter the following,

  • A descriptive name for this new rental item. We recommend RENTAL.
  • Ensure Type = Non-Inventory.
  • Enter a unique EAN. We recommend 11111111111 (eleven 1s) but you can choose differently if you wish. This will be the Hire EAN we will tell BRM about later in the setup process.

Add rental tax rate

If the tax on rentals in your area differs from sales tax, you'll need to add a second tax rate in the Sales Tax area in Lightspeed. Go to Settings -> Sales Taxes

The example below shows a sales tax of 10% and a rental tax of 8%. Note that if your rental tax is zero, you still need to add a rental tax, but instead set the rate to 0%. 

2. Configure BRM button in Lightspeed

Create the BRM button

Next we will add a button on the Sales Register in Lightspeed which will send you to BRM when you need to create a rental. In Lighspeed, go to Next configure the button. In Lightspeed, go to Settings -> Custom Menus.

Then select Register: Sale Tab where you will see the option to add a new button as shown below. Enter the following,

  1. Give the button a title, here we have chosen simply BRM.
  2. Ensure Type is Open Web Page.
  3. Set Color to Orange (you can choose an alternative color if you wish).
  4. Enter a button Sort Order. Here we have chosen 3, meaning it'll be the third button displayed in the register.
  5. Once you're done, click "+ Add Button to Menu" to create the button.

Configure the BRM button

Now click the edit pencil for the BRM button as shown below.

You'll see an empty URL field, we need to enter the URL to your BRM store here to link Lightspeed to BRM. The URL required will depend if you are a US-hosted or EU-hosted store. Note that if you are outside of the US your store is probably EU-hosted. If you are unsure, try clicking on the links below. The correct URL will log you into your BRM.

Simply copy and paste the following links in the URL field and when you're done, make sure to save your changes.

URL for US-hosted stores:

URL for EU-hosted stored:

Configuration in Lightspeed is now done! Log into your BRM for steps 3 and 4 below.

3. Connect BRM to Lightspeed

In BRM, go to Settings -> integrations -> Lightspeed. At the top of the page is the settings box. Enter the following:

  • The hire EAN you configured in Lightspeed in step 1 above, we recommend 11111111111.
  • Select Sales Tax for Tax Setup.
  • Hit save at the bottom of the page.

Skip the Connect User section for the moment (this is step 4). Click the Connect Lightspeed button and follow the steps on screen. You'll be prompted to log into your Lightspeed account and authorize the connection to BRM.

Once done, you'll be re-directed to BRM where you can verify the connection worked by navigating back to Settings -> integrations -> Lightspeed you should see that Account Id and Shop Url are now populated, similar to the screenshot below.

4. Connect All BRM Users to Lightspeed

For the final step, each BRM user on your system must navigate to Settings -> integrations -> Lightspeed and click the connect user button and follow the steps. 

If successful, an Employee ID will be generated and the late time of connection printed below.

For those so inclined, an explanation of the relationship between BRM and Lightspeed user accounts is given in Lightspeed and BRM / RSM accounts.

Common pitfalls

Depending on your browser, it may block the popup when you click Connect Lightspeed of Connect user. Please ensure you allow popups in your browser. We recommend using BRM in Google Chrome, see this link for allowing a popup in Chrome. Other browsers will have similar options. Note: BRM does not integrate with the Lightspeed IOS iPad App version.

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