Why would you want to do this?

  • perhaps you want to run all your transactions (retail and rental) through one system, Lightspeed.  In this way, BRM manages your rentals.  Lightspeed processes the payments.
  • perhaps you have a sale that is mixed retail and rental - this integration lets you put both on one sales ticket.
  • perhaps you want to do a rental for an existing LS customer.  This allows you to send in the customer to BRM in real-time.

How does it work?

you simply place a button in your lightspeed installation which points to BRM.

it will look something like this:

(video demo here)

then when you press the button (i.e. when you're processing a sale in lightspeed) it will fire up a BRM window in the same browser tab:

If you have already chosen a customer in Lightspeed it will auto-import it to BRM.

(small detail but you will get the little Lightspeed icon top left if you come in from Lightspeed in this way)

You simply make the reservation in BRM and then hit 'Return & pay' to go back to Lightspeed to close out the sale.

(please note if you choose not to return & pay - then don't worry you can also use the add Lightspeed Transaction workflow at a later date. )

when back in LS.... just complete the transaction in your register.

Here is a quick giphy of it working:

(no sound)

you can find information about how to wire this up so your Lightspeed and BRM talk together here 

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