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Inventory Type is set at the Product Family level and passed down to children (Product Line, Item)

(and only if you are interested in multiple types)

The default Inventory Type is "item"  meaning a regular rental item.

Other options include package (and TAE - tours / actitity / event)

here is what TAE looks like in your inventory:

and here is what a package looks like:

This table shows some of the attributes & behaviours of these inventory types:

Inventory Type

real OR virtualrealvirtualvirtual
capacity calendaryesyesno
book directvia Product Linevia Eventvia Product Line
pricingPGsPGsPGs, but done at the package level, not inventory.
special functionalitynonelinked to Eventassigning inventory
Inventory levelItemProduct Line
Product Line

Further explanations;

  • real / virtual.  A bike is a real (physical item).  But a place on your 4pm shuttle ride is virtual.
  • capacity calendar.  Do you have a limited number of inventory, like 10 L mountain bikes?
  • book direct.  Can the type be booked directly?  
    • ie. can you ride a bike? yes.  
    • Can you ride a 'peformance ski package'? No you book the package, then get assigned inventory to that package.
  • pricing. How is pricing calculated?
  • special functionality.  Does the platform support special functionality based on the inventory type?
  • Inventory Level.  At what level, in the inventory hierarchy is the booking made?  (see here)

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