When you record a service on your bikes (or other items) it will do three things:

  1. make the bike available again for renting
  2. reset the service points for the item
  3. record an entry in the service log

Here is how you record a service on an item (also known as setting an item to non-broken)

1. Find your item in your inventory (browse or search).

2. Click on the maintenance tab for that item and press the ' + service entry' button to record your service:

This will bring up the service popup where you can enter as much or as little information as you like. The only required information is the service note, which can be kept brief if you wish:

Clicking save will record the service and set the item back to ready.

Please note!  You cannot just change a bike's status from broken -> ready.  You need to do as described here and record a service.  Otherwise BRM won't know what work was done to repair it - and it will remain in broken state.

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