We often get questions like;

"So, how do you remove items when you're done?"
"What happens when you get rid of your products after their rental life?"

The first thing we say is if you're in the middle of your season, it's probably better to simply change the status of items to a post-operational stage such as Sold, Stolen, or Transferred, see Inventory lifecycle.

However, before you start your next season you will probably want to have a good clear out so your old inventory is not getting in the way.

Archive not Delete

It is important to note that we don't completely delete your Item, but instead, we archive it.

Any historical reservations that contain the bike will still know what bike it was, rather than showing a blank.

To do this, find any bikes you no longer have and press the red Archive item button

Remember, we archive bikes (rather than deleting them) precisely to maintain:

  1. reservation history of that bike
  2. service history of that bike
  3. customer rental history for a bike

Hard Delete

In some cases however you do want to really delete and item. This feature is only available to users with the admin privilege. This requires also a double confirmation, typing "confirm" to continue. We call this Hard Delete.

Impact analysis

We recommend that you remove all items in a Product Line before removing the Product Line and remove all Product Lines from a Product Family before removing that, and so on for Categories.

For safety reasons (avoiding costly mistaken archiving) we assess the impact of any archives before we carry them out. That is why you have to confirm before removing parents when they have children. E.g. a Product Line with active Items;

You can find archived bikes in your inventory by using the 'also include' filters at the top of your two inventory pages:

Inventory - Add / Manage Items

Inventory - Search

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