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A single reservation has the constraint that all assets within it must be booked for the same dates.

But imagine you have a group of people making an advanced reservation for your bikes. They are all friends and all will be spending the same week together, but they are coming from a long way and are all making their own travel arrangements. They also want to pay separately.

In this case its probably easier to create several different reservations, and yet LINK them together using the group function.

Create your separate reservations in the normal way, for example:

  • Geoff and Louise will be flying into airport XYZ, so will be arriving a day early.
  • Dave and Tony are hiring a car together so will be arriving the next day.
  • then Luke and Anne will be coming a day late and keeping the bikes on after for a few days.

- create all 3 reservations, with slightly different dates, then just add 'Smith' as the group name for each reservation, coz Geoff Smith is the tour organiser, and then you can search for group name 'Smith' and quickly find all your reservations.

*, of course, this is just one example, you may well find many more uses for the feature.

The Group Tag is also automatically used by the TAE (tours / activities / events) module.  We stamp the TAE event onto each booking made for that event.

What can you do with the group tag, practically speaking?

  1. search by group (in advanced search mode)
  2. see group in your list of rentals (normally hidden column) 
  3. see it and update in your rental tickets:

view & update within a rental ticket:

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