Problem Solving - 'undo' progress reservation

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Sometimes you might have pressed the progress Reservation button by mistake, and want to back up a step.

Whilst there is no 'undo' button in BRM, you can restore a reservation to any stage in the following way.

Please Note - this is not something you should normally have to do, so it is deliberately hidden away in the menus.

  1. Find the reservation you're interested in, in the normal way.
  2. When you've opened your reservation, you're going to want to find the More menu.  Then select 'Change Stage' :

Please note - there is a lot going on behind the scenes here.  

  • When you go from Confirmed > Checked Out we also record that timestamp.
  • When you go from Checked Out > Checked In - we record the timestamp, but we also forshorten the rental (for each item) if it has come back early.

All of these things are taken care of automatically when you change your stages.

We dive into these ideas in more detail here:

Provisional Booking

Confirmed Booking

Checked Out Booking

Checked In Booking

We will forshorten (truncate) the activity on each item if it is checked in early - so it can be re-booked to the next person.

Please Note -  even if you change from CONFIRMED > PROVISIONAL once its been confirmed, as this is irreversible - it assigns an INVOICE number on going to confirmed, which will persist even if you go back to PROVISIONAL

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