In this article, we will go over placing a reservation with packages in the back office and assigning items to the packages. Package reservations placed online will follow much the same workflow.

On the Reservation Create page, we load our packages by clicking on the Packages Category (see Creating Packages if you haven't already created Packages):

Once you've created the reservation, bring up the Reservation Detail Page. In this example, we have created a reservation with two packages assigned to it. We now need to assign items to each package - these are the actual skis, bindings, boots etc the customer will take to the slopes. 

Click on one of the packages in the Item List Panel and then the Assign button to begin assigning items:

We can then begin assigning items one at a time. Loading the Ski Equipment Category and starting with skis:

After we assign all desired items to the Package, we can see the items listed below the Package in the Item List Panel. Notice that the price of the Package remains unchanged despite the number of items assigned to it.

Repeating the assigning process for the second Package and inspecting the invoice (Under Actions -> Print on the Reservation Detail Panel) also shows the total price and items assigned to each Package:

After assigning items, managing the reservation is no different than a reservation without Packages. See the help sections on Reservations for more.