Stripe Checkout (option)

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BRM offers Stripe Checkout as an alternative method to collect payment for online bookings.

Please note - you don't need to use Stripe Checkout to take online payments via Stripe.
You have two choices and this is one of your choices:

- Stripe inline (default)
- Stripe Checkout (go off to Stripe to complete payment)


  • a much greater range of payment methods


  • a little more setup required (webhooks)
  • the customer experience is altered - they go to Stripe to complete payment

Customers can pay by one of the following methods using Stripe Checkout:

and also - from an appropriate device: (e.g. mobile)

Follow the steps below to enable Stripe Checkout in BRM:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment processors, and select Stripe as the payment processor,
  2. Set up  Stripe keys (see Setting up Stripe as your payment processor)
  3. Enable the "Use checkout" flag.  (as above)
  4. Select the payment methods you'd like to accept from the options above.
  5. Click the "Create Webhook" button to connect Stripe Checkout to BRM.
  6. Check the webhook was successfully created in your Stripe account by going to Developers > Webhooks. If successful, you should see an endpoint URL to "' (see screenshot below).

A note on Stripe Test vs Live mode: You cannot mix live and test customers on Stripe and this extends to Stripe Checkout. If you have set up Stripe Checkout in Test mode and want to switch to Live mode, you must create a new webhook by repeating step 5 above.

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