First we have to prepare Citrus Lime application to allow it to work with BRM.

1. Launch Citrus Lime

2. Menu > Create & Manage Items > Items 

3. Create New Item

4. Type RENTAL in the item lookup code and description field

5. Select Non Inventory Item and create & save 

6. Navigate to the main menu

7. Setup > Configuration

On this page follow these steps: Citrus Lime instructions to generate API code:

Now we can configure BRM with the API key from Citrus Lime.

1. Open BRM 

2. Navigate to Integrations > CL

3. Paste API code and select your Citrus Lime register

Enable Citrus-Lime POS as a payment method in BRM

1. Go to Settings - Payment Management - Payment Methods

2. Enable Citrus Lime POS

Now you are ready to use the integration to send transactions from BRM to Citrus Lime.

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