When you start using BRM you go on a little journey to prepare your store.

This is split up into three phases:

  • Setup - configure basic settings
  • Ready - learning to use BRM (practice for going live)
  • Live - actually using BRM on a daily basis

BRM helps you keep track of this little project by showing you your phase and what you need to do next.

We do this on your Getting Started page.

Setup phase

To start with your store will be in the Setup phase, shown below by an orange lozenge towards the top left of the screen. You must complete this phase before moving on to Ready and Live phases. Notice the little blue number which tells you how many steps you still have to complete.

Ready phase

When you have completed all Setup steps, you move to the Ready phase:

When you are ready to go live, you can choose how you want to go live. These include one of the online channels like your site, bike.rent or in-store

Live phase

When you're Live you will see a blue lozenge on the top right.

You will also see a handy dashboard of rental activity over next 2 days:

Going live in this way gives your data extra protections (compared to Setup and Ready phases) and also notifies our onboarding team, so we can better support your business.

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