BRM has very powerful multi-language features for dealing with customers and reservations in multiple languages.

The online booking is available in 17 languages (and growing)

But that is simple to say, and more complicated to manage.

Doing an online booking actually involves lots of different kinds of language

  • the control language - guiding people through the process of online booking
  • item data - getting your bikes (or other inventory) to sound right in each language
  • customer data - when your customer registers, using the right local words for the information you want to gather
  • customer materials - emails and invoices we send customers must be consistent with their use of language format.

BRM has preset translations for our supported languages.

But as and when you add, inventory, customer data etc, you will want to customise and refine.

For this reason, BRM has two ways to modify language data.

  1. In each relevant part of BRM
  2. a powerful languages overview page.

Please note, currently, the back-office of BRM is only available in English (though some people use Google translate in their browser to translate the back-office into their preferred language)

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