LS integration - sharing customer data.

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LS integration - sharing customer data

The BRM lightspeed integration shares two vital elements:

  1. transactions
  2. customers

See this diagram for some context:

BRM / RSM clients are attached to reservations

lightspeed customers are attached to transactions

if you save a lightspeed customer id against a BRM / RSM client they will be linked.

(and we automatically create this link for you during our integration)

Normally you will start your rentals in Lightspeed.

Imagine you want a rental for an existing customer in your LS database....

  1. you create a new sale & add your customer to sale
  2. add your products
  3. press your BRM button:

  4. When you arrive in BRM you will see the customer has been imported automatically into BRM:
  5. It then comes back into LS but with the RENTAL added:

    1. and you close out the sale in LS
  6. Finally this will automatically update BRM with information about that transaction
  7. and the customer imported into BRM is also stamped with its LS customer ID - so it remains linked

Please Note - can can still integrate in the other direction; BRM -> LS

  1. create the reservation in BRM (including customer record)
  2. add Transaction (which sends to LS) including creating a new customer record
  3. then we update that new BRM customer with the ID of the new LS customer.
  4. any subsequent transactions sent over for that reservation / client will hit the same LS client.

[THIS DIAGRAM NEEDS TO BE UPDATED WITH A BRM2.0 version - please bear with us]

(in other words, when you do it this way round it will create a new LS customer for each one in BRM, for the first transaction.)

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