Let's walk through a scenario that can occur and lead to 'lost bikes' ( an item you can't find in the system)

You have a set of Bianchi Kuma Mountain bikes:

so you have 3 Items (and an operational capacity of 3)

But then you start deleting (suspending your items) by pressing on the red X button to delete

So you end up with this situation:

Please note, you will still have 3 Items - and they will show up if you use the 'view archived' filter:

Next up you delete the product line to which the (now suspended) Items belong:

Please note - you will now have ZERO Items- even if you view archived - because their parent (product line) has been deleted.

This is because we do the Item counting at the Product Line layer of the hierarchy.

Meaning deleted Product Line = invisible Items below.

You have effectively done this removed the branch your hierarchy that made them visible;

So what is the solution?

Even though bikes with deleted parents will become invisible in the Manage page you can still view them via the search page:

In this way, you can visit your archived items by clicking on the rows above - even if the parent is gone.

You can then change it to have a new parent (product line)

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