Handsfree mode

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BRM has two modes of operation;

  • normal mode - for when you use a keyboard / mouse / touch screen.
  • handsfree mode - operate simply by scanning.  limited subset of functionality

Please note - this feature was called 'barcode mode' in BRM1.0

If your bikes have barcodes on then sometimes (during certain workflows) you are going to want to operate under 'handsfree mode'. This is a special mode whereby BRM 'listens' to a barcode scanner (connected by cable or bluetooth). It means that you can perform certain operations - hands-free.

Clearly this is only suited to certain workflows where there is a fairly simple range of operations you would want to perform.

Here are the pages that have a barcode mode:

  1. Search Reservations Page - so that you can find reservations by scanning a ticket or bike.  Then allocate and check-out, or check-in when the item returns, using scans.  See EVO mode.
  2. Maintenance Page - so that you can scan a bike, then scan a service item (from a menu).
  3. Delivery Management Page [coming soon]  - so that you can scan bikes through the delivery management lifecycle (beta)
  4. Stock Take - so that you can scan bikes - and then perform certain operations on them (like change status, or change location)

You turn the mode on and off using icon in the top header:

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