It is extremely important that booking emails reach your customers so we go to great lengths to ensure emails are both successfully delivered and opened.

We send emails from a dedicated domain which has an excellent reputation because we never send Spam and we observe all industry best practices.

You configure how your emails look in your customer's inbox here:

settings > notifications > who

Which will result in the following in the customer's inbox.

(this example is taken using Gmail as the destination inbox - so results will vary according to email client)

And looking more closely at an email;

(your configuration choices highlighted in yellow)

We regularly attain email deliverability rates of above 98.7%

When the customer completes the online booking process they will be shown a page something like this:

Here is where those messages are configured in BRM:

Your booking is complete. Please look out for an email.

If you have not received your confirmation mail within 10 minutes, please check your junk/spam email folder.  Also promotions / updates if Gmail) If you find it in spam please mark as not spam.  Mail will be sent from

The above on-screen messages are designed to ensure as many emails as possible are opened.

However, not all emails will be delivered and here are two reasons:

  • the customer makes a mistake when entering their email address
  • the customer has a problem with their email inbox - like it is full

Even when the email is delivered actually getting the customer to open it is another challenge. The single biggest factor affecting open rates is when emails get mistakenly classified by the customer's ISP or email client (the people who manage their inbox)

 Here are some factors that can lead to ending up in their inbox:

  • If BRM didn't have an excellent sender reputation or observe best practices
  • the content (subject and content) of the emails themselves.  The more personalised, well-formatted, and generally well behaved (grammar, spelling) the better.
  • If many people tag BRM emails as spam
  • if many people don't 'un-spam' BRM emails as not -spam

So please do encourage good behaviour from customers and perhaps even put a note about emails on your website.

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