Post Rental Email

Where possible, it's very important to create long term relationships with your customers.

One way to do help do this is to send a post-rental email to your users asking how their experience was and perhaps even requesting a review on your favourite site, like Trip Advisor, Trustpilot or a social media share.

How does the feature work?

you find it here: 

settings > notifications > what

  1. First of all, you need to turn it on...
  2. Then you decide if your default is to send or not send (you can also override the default on each occasion)
  3. Edit the email you send.  Customise the subject and content of your email. You can include links - for example to a review system.

When you check a rental back in the system will display a question about getting customer feedback:

check the checkbox to send the feedback email.

(ensure the email field has been populated)