Lightspeed Errors

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LSI001 - general Lightspeed API error

This is a general lightspeed error. (not BRM / RSM)

If you see this, it is best to use the BRM screenshot button to send a screenshot to support.

LSI002 - user XYZ not linked to lightspeed

Each of your BRM accounts must be linked / connected to Lightspeed (if you want that account to integrate with lightspeed)

If you don't have an account connected you will see the above error message when you try to add a 'Lightspeed->' transaction to a reservation. If you see this message, then use the 'connect lightspeed' button to make that connection.

To set this up in your settings:

If you do want to link a BRM user account from your configuration (rather than waiting until you add a transaction) then please go to Settings->Integrations>Lightspeed and press the connect button:

LSI004 - Lightspeed Invalid Foreign keys for Customer...

If you try to addTransaction to a reservation attached to a customer that doesn't exist in lightspeed you'll get this error.

When you transfer a transaction to Lightspeed to be processed can also send over a customer. But if you try to send over a customer ID that lightspeed does not recognise you will get this error.

"But wait! - how can this happen?"  I hear you say....

because even if you archive a customer you still don't get this error - lightspeed allows you to send in a transaction against an archived customer.

The answer is that you have probably merged customers in lightspeed: if you merge customers in lightspeed then it does completely remove one of your customer ids forever and will see the above error message.

So what do you do about it? You just need to make sure that your corresponding client record in BRM / RSM points to the right customer in lightspeed.

You find the customer record and just overtype the new client ID from lightspeed and then save.

Let's take a concrete example:

you have 2 LS customers which are actually the same:

Fred Jones - ID61

Fred Jones - ID205

in BRM / RSM...

you have a Fred Jones in BRM / BRM which is linked to lightspeed customer ID61

Then you do some tidying up and merge your two Fred Jones records in lightspeed.

it turns out this completely deletes the old record ID61 you need to fish out your Fred Jones in BRM / RSM and update its lightspeed ID to 205

LSI005 - Lightspeed Invalid foreign keys for Employee: x

Occasionally - when you first setup your lightspeed integration - you may see this error when you try and "add Transaction" in BRM.

This is because Lightspeed needs a valid EMPLOYEE ID to take inbound data from other applications.

we default to user ID 1 (but sometimes this LS user doesn't exist on your LS database) or sometimes you are linked to a lightspeed user Id that has been removed from Lightspeed.

So you need to give us a valid LS user ID so we can make sure when you connect it will appear in Lightspeed under that user ID.

To find this - choose a lightspeed user you want to use for your inbound connections.

go to Settings->Employees in Lightspeed

We then connect the lightspeed employee ID to your BRM user account.

See this diagram for further explanation:

When you login to BRM, you have to use your login, in this example:

(in the BRM user database we add a 'foreign key' of 2 to this BRM user account)

Next, you do addTransaction to send over a transaction into Lightspeed.  BRM looks up the foreign key (from this account) and tells lightspeed to add the transaction (as a customer quote) using the employee account (of number 2, which is JOE BLOGGS on lightspeed)

lightspeed then looks up the employee account no2 - and if it can't find it you will get the error detailed in this article.

LSI008 - Lightspeed Missing EAN

If you see this error, it means the Lightspeed configuration has not been done or has become invalid.

In order to create a sales order in Lightspeed, BRM needs a product code to match to the rental inventory in Lightspeed. The EAN is a SKU or product code that has no stock level as that is all managed inside BRM.

See the Lightspeed configuration article for information on how to fix this.

LSI009 - Lightspeed Employee Locked Out

This is an error that is happening in the Lightspeed shop.  (not actually a BRM error)

When BRM talks to Lightspeed (e.g. to pull in customers and transactions) it must use one of your user's accounts on Lightspeed.  This account is mapped to your BRM user.  It must be active!

The exact message is "Employee can't login. Verify that it isn't locked out or archived". If you are uncertain which employee id is linked to your BRM login, then check against that user account - and it will tell you which Lightspeed user ID it is linked to:

Settings > Users

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