shop opening / closing hours

you're going to want to specify which days you're open (and closed) for business, especially if you're doing online booking.  Furthermore you may have varying opening hours across the week which you'd like to specify.

Please Note - you have two options:1. Per day2. Simple (the default)

1. Per day opening hours

You configure this in settings here in the settings page

system -> settings -> shop setup -> Shop opening hours

Here's how you set your hours:

  1. select the day of the week (in this case we already have an entry for Monday that we're going to replace - so it comes up green), making sure you've specified appropriate hours
  2. then press add day (and repeat for as many days as you're open)
  3. then save (in this panel!)

If you don't specify any entry for a day your shop will appear closed on that day when people book online using the wizard:

as you can see above, Saturday and Sunday appear greyed out, crossed out, and unselectable from the wizard.

How about days when you're closed for holidays etc?

if you have some dates that are exceptions then you simply add them in here:

Please note you can also enter Closed Date ranges.

this grid uses the same principles as adding Open days, so simply repeat the instructions above to add any exceptional dates you may be closed on.

The wizard will take into account your opening hours for any given day, AND will also look out for exceptional days when you might be closed.

Core hours

Your global hours manly apply to your back-office hours.

Here is where you specify your global hours: